Cécile Brosius

I have worked closely with Gerard for more than 6 years at Corel on CorelDRAW Strategic planning, several product launches and customer acquisition, retention & loyalty programs. Gerard is a very inspiring leader with a unique blend of technology passion, business expertise and customer-delight focus. And he continues to impress by his whole product experience leadership, brand management and community engagement (he is our CorelDRAW community site ‘father’ which now includes more than 110,000 members around the world!).

Endowed with excellent strategic and innovative mind, with strong orientation towards over-achieving objectives, Gerard was one of the key contributors to our products and organization success year after year, both on revenue and profitability sides.

On a more personal note, Gerard has been one of the best Managers I ever had! Very approachable, I can always rely on him for his support but also for his relevant feedback, out-of-the box ideas and engaging actions for career development.