John Falsetto

Gérard was a tremendous manager and leader during my time at Corel. Along with mentoring me during my early days there, he was a stable presence in our line of business, passionately representing the voice of our users throughout the world. Always wearing a smile, Gérard is a great communicator and he is exceptionally detail-oriented. He has tremendous presentation skills, having presented our product vision and strategy countless times to senior management, as well as our product focus and features to customers and press. Gérard was a key force in defining and driving the product strategy for the graphics line of products at Corel, which resulted in stability when market conditions were challenging, and excellent growth overall. I will always be grateful for the skills I learned from Gérard, and have gratitude for his role in helping to shape my career. I hope to have the opportunity to work with Gérard again someday, and would recommend him highly to anyone!