Klaus Vossen

Gérard is a strong leader who drives his products strategy as well as day-to-day operation forward. His people management skills are excellence and clearly helps to drive the whole team’s success, especially when it comes to executing on difficult decisions.

With a focus to delight customers, he is passionately leading the Brand and whole product experience of his areas of responsibility. As an example, Gérard has driven the user community from the first idea to and active and vibrant place with over 100,000 members. He’s continuously using that platform for the direct relationship with the user community of “his” brand.

In all of his work, Gérard is highly-organized, results-driven and detail-oriented. His approach to set highest standards is encouraging for the whole team.

Gérard is one of the best managers I’ve had! While he is motivating, leading and supporting where necessary he provides a great level of trust and room for personal development that creates a positive and very productive environment.