Margaret Plucinska

Gerard is one of the most competent product strategist and product management leaders I have had an opportunity to work with. He formulates a well articulated vision for his product portfolio, he has a deep understanding of the market as well as the customer needs and he is able inspire his organization to execute on this vision.

Gerard’s has a talent to set a common goal and align cross-functional teams to implement the various aspects of the solution working diligently through the details to ensure outstanding customer experience across the web, mobile app and core desktop product. I have been most impressed by Gerard’s commitment to the user community, his innovative ability to find channels of communication with those users, his open mind to listen to their requirements and his passion for the highest quality of his products’ features and marketing messages.

Gerard stands out as a leader who can work with every level and function within the enterprise from the executive management team through to the various Marketing, R&D, IT and Customer Service teams. He has an in-depth knowledge of the products and the technologies used to ensure that those products are well established market leaders in their domain. I would recommend Gerard as an executive who can realize full value from a mature market offering and bring a spirit of innovation to create new growth potential.