Nick J. Davies

Gerard is an exceptional business and product management leader, who is respected and relied upon by his colleagues worldwide. He has a strategic and analytical mind, is customer orientated and is tenacious in seeing projects through to fruition. He possesses a deep understanding of technology, keeps up to date with market trends, and applies his knowledge to developing market leading product experiences.

He is hands-on, results driven, detail orientated and highly organised. His business acumen is strong, able to balance the demands of growing sales yet achieving record levels of profitability. His international background and linguistic abilities enable him to forge strong relationships with colleagues and customers around the world, and he is highly responsive to opportunities or issues. Always ready to take on new challenges, Gerard interacts naturally with customers, reviewers and partners. He is an effective and inclusive team manager, whose passion is contagious and whose high standards are an example to those around him. It is a pleasure working with Gerard, and I appreciate his generosity of thought and willingness to help others.