As a truly “full-stack” leader fluent in the languages of technology, marketing, go-to-market, products, and business, I am adept at not only piloting companies across uncharted waters into highly profitable operations but also put my guidance skills to test as a licensed private airplane pilot. I definitely know a thing or two about making critical, sound decisions with imperfect information and little time to reflect. Born in Switzerland and fluent in English, French, and German, my fruitful career has taken me to numerous locations across the globe – from startups to privately-owned and publicly-traded companies. A self-described intellectual explorer, I thrive in learning and experimenting with things to satisfy my always-curious and systems-thinking oriented mind, continually expanding my holistic understanding.

By championing an artisan, quality-driven mentality and challenging my teams and the company to strive for mastery, the resulting end products have delighted users. This leads to the very thing that motivates me every day: Knowing that the company and products I lead make a difference in users’ lives and enables them to go on and achieve amazing things. My experience has shown that the keys to creating these stand-out products mean that leaders have to help companies achieve product clarity around the vision, then prioritize for simplicity and velocity. This is one of the reasons why I became a private pilot, using many of these leadership skills: it requires a person to think ahead, plan, anticipate, monitor, and correct to make the best-informed choices possible on which direction they want to go and ultimately reach that final destination successfully.

I don’t want to use a computer. I don’t want to do word processing. I want to write a letter, or find out what the weather will be, or pay a bill, or play a game. I don’t want to use a computer, I want to accomplish something. I want to do something meaningful to me.

Donald A. Norman – “The Invisible Computer”


Whether in written, spoken, or visual form, this is the place where I share thoughts, ideas, perspectives, and more related to strategy, products, marketing, and more. It’s as simple as putting the World in CC of that email message.


Each episode of the CC:World Podcast focuses on a specific area based on topics of interest that I’ve experienced, presentations I have given over the years as well as articles, interviews, talks, and books that got me thinking.


The articles posted in the CC:World Blog are written versions covering specific topics for each article, based on recent learnings, discussions, and reflections. These are usually related to a Podcast episode.

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