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Welcome to CC:World, my first podcast where I’ll share perspectives, thoughts, opinions, and discussions related to strategy, products, marketing, and more.  Each episode will focus on a specific area based on topics of interest that I’ve experienced, presentations I have given over the years as well as articles, interviews, talks, and books that got me thinking.

My goal with this podcast is to provide you with new ideas, a different perspective, as well as an opportunity to share the learning that could help you in your career. Some of the episodes will be accompanied by an article published in my blog. And sometimes, expect for me to go on an unrelated tangent.

As this is my first experimentation with podcasting, I am looking forward to improving your experience as the episodes progress. I would love to get your feedback, questions, and topics of interest, so please get in touch by either sharing an audio message or by filling out the form below.

Thanks for subscribing, listening and sharing!

Latest episodes

Business Lessons from the Aviation World CC:World

In the aviation world, safety is given a lot of attention—and rightfully so. Redundancy and checklists are everywhere and there is very strict regulation where everything is codified. As importantly, there are aviation-related organizations whose main focus is on learning from past mistakes. The business world could certainly learn a thing or two from the aviation industry. My name is Gérard Métrailler, and CC:World is my podcast where I'll share perspectives, thoughts, opinions, and discussions related to strategy, products, marketing, and more. Head on over to to subscribe, share, and leave a message. — Send in a voice message:
  1. Business Lessons from the Aviation World
  2. Getting the pricing right is harder than it seems
  3. Santa, Inc. – The amazing business model of a reindeer pilot
  4. It’s not your opinion, it’s your expertise that matters
  5. What is "Customer Delight"?
  6. Introducing the CC:World podcast

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